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Mompowerment: NJ Torres Jacobson: Empowering Others Through Her Advocacy On Self-Care

Nov 22, 2018

NJ Torres Jacobson, Media & Public Relations - Marie France and Facial Care Center

Spend a few moments with NJ Torres Jacobson and you begin to marvel at her infectious and effusive character. Effortlessly, she draws you in with her energy and humor, and you find yourself hanging onto every word she says. All these make NJ a force to contend with in her line of work that has become her passion project for many years. “I have been with Marie France and Facial Care Center for 12 years. I put a lot of importance on self-care for all women, especially moms. When you take care of yourself, it’s easy to be confident. And from there you start taking care of other people too,” she says.

NJ has bloomed in the field where she’s been planted. Working with top self-care companies have taught her the importance of taking care of herself, in and out. She practices what she advocates especially in incorporating healthy practices in her life. And by doing this, she has reaped the rewards of many mompowerment moments that continue to fuel her drive to strive higher and dream bigger. “The best part about my job is sharing what I know with everyone. They say I’m a quite unforgettable person. From convincing someone to get a facial, to taking care of their health, to my dream of gathering moms to talk about adventures in breastfeeding, I love meeting different kinds of people and empowering them to be proud of themselves,” adds NJ.

NJ is just as passionate about her 8 month old daughter, Savannah, as she is with her work. She says, “She’s only 8 months old but I already share with her the importance of being proud of who you are. I want her to know that there is no need to be afraid or insecure. You are as good as everybody else. And most important, of course, as early as now, I teach her self-care. I want her to take care of herself, be confident, and eventually live healthy.”

In the end, self-care isn’t just about looking good and staying fit. NJ believes that living with confidence through self-care helps a person make good choices that pave the path for happiness. She stays passionate about helping those around her achieve their personal goals while boosting self-esteem and encouraging them live the best life they can.

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