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Marie France Iconic: 30 years of Beauty and Wellness

Janice Villanueva MommyMundo

Oct 14, 2014

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Happy 30th Anniversary to the premiere center for beauty and wellness- a company that helps us be the best version of our physical selves through non-invasive technologies. I am privileged to be part of the Marie France family since I signed up as one of their ambassadors last year! Whenever I spend time with Marie France – Nj Torres, Bea Chua and Danica Nayre, the marketing team, its very pleasant receptionists, center managers, and its very professional skin care therapists always make me feel special and cared for. I had the opportunity to celebrate the 30th anniversary with them at Nobu Hotel at the City of Dreams and had a grand time with some awesome people like AA Patawaran and Jason Magbanua. 

AA Patawaran, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle editor and more importantly to me, a good friend from college. Arnel, as I still call him, is someone I look up to not only because of how he has exerted so much effort, passion and hard work to hone his craft though the years, but also because of how he lives his life steadfast and strong based on his values and principles.

Jason Magbanua, award winning and top videographer in the country We chatted that evening about our work, and our passions for what we do, and also a bit about our common friends Benz and John of Jason just won the Rapplr Be the Boss award for social media, and this award winning videographer, who pioneered SDE videos into an art form and still remains such a down to earth guy. Issa Litton, one of the most in-demand female event hosts these days, and rightfully so because of her commanding presence, intelligence and ability to connect with any crowd. It is always great to see this fellow mama of mine. Chico, my friend from college and I always love catching up with, and Gino, his fellow Morning Rusher. Missing Delamar in this event as she is in infanticipating mode. 

Another college friend, Yvette Fernandez, Town and Country EIC, who makes me feel happy whenever she shouts out, Hi, Juicy!", my nickname. Also could not miss the opportunity to have a photo taken with Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo (because I loved her fierce verbal fight scene with Bea Alonso in "the Love Affair" which my mom insisted to watch) It was fun evening  but also a purposeful one. That evening, Marie France also unveiled its latest campaign which is very relevant to use women and something we must all support and pay attention to. Marie France's Robin Horsman, Peter Prestige and Mr. George Sy were there to tell everyone about their campaign for breast cancer awareness.

A campaign supported by the country's distinguished media: Together, they had one message- a statement against breast cancer, and a shoutout to all brave women fighting this disease. In partnership with the I Can Serve Foundation, Marie France produced an empowering tribute that shows love and support to the women who are battling the disease. The video was conceptualized and created by Jason Magbanua, with the timeless voice of Lea Salonga singing a piece by Marie Hines entitled "Save It All". Its core message is beautifully narrated by Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo.  You can also watch this inspiring video on Facebook : 

I got goosebumps seeing the video and support this cause all the way, having close friends who lost their lives to breast cancer such as my dearest Patty and Issay who both just passed away last year, and some who are still fighting the dreaded disease. We all need to fight against this, spread awareness about the importance of early detection, have ourselves checked regularly, and do our own self checks. Well done on this campaign, Marie France, and congratulations to everyone who headed this initiative and all who supported it! The celebration was another reminder that we must live with gratitude because life is sweet. With that I have to say thank you, Marie France, for taking care of me and many other women who have entered your .......


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