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The Philippine Star, ALLURE: As cool as hair condition

Philip Cu-Unjieng - The Philippine Star

Mar 27, 2018

Hair loss, hair thinning, hair and scalp issues — for 37 years now, Svenson has carved a niche as the go-to expert when these problems come one’s way.

To help spread the word, Svenson has “drafted” ambassadors, both men and women, who represent credibility and have been convinced of what Svenson provides. NJ Torres-Jacobson is the proverbial drill sergeant who reaches out to these individuals and brings them into the fold. And what is amazing is — kudos to Mr. George Siy and Svenson executives — how they’ve fostered a true sense of family and camaraderie. It’s not just some endorsement where the talent fee is the sole motivating factor. With Svenson, there’s a genuine feeling of being part of something because you’ve tried the service and feel it’s been beneficial and you continue to return.

A Svenson family photo. Your columnist, Suki Salvador, NJ Torres-Jacobson, Issa Litton and Vince Hizon.

We often talk of age and say it’s just a number but when it comes to a service or business, longevity and surviving really do point to the public’s approval.

Congratulations, Svenson!


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