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THE POST : Moving to the other side of the world for love

Irene Perez

Sep 20, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to start a new life far and away from everything familiar, here are the stories of four women who did.

Former media and public relations head NJ Torres-Jacobson moved to Switzerland to be with her husband Christophe. They have a beautiful daughter named Savannah Taylor. NJ said her move “wasn’t just an opportunity, but an incredible adventure.”

NJ said that in Geneva, “I get to immerse myself in a vibrant new culture, embrace different traditions, languages and customs. The best part is sharing this thrilling experience with my husband and strengthening our bond.”

For NJ, “moving overseas means breaking free from the ordinary. It’s a chance to reinvent myself in a foreign culture and environment.” The challenges for her were “leaving behind familiar surroundings and my loved ones, saying goodbye to my home country, adjusting to a new place especially when everything from the language to the customs feel unfamiliar. It takes time and effort to settle into a new environment and make it feel like home.”

Her biggest obstacle was the ”overwhelming sense of loneliness and longing for home … without a strong support system. Building new friendships and finding a sense of belonging in a completely different social setting is not always easy. Adapting to a new culture, searching for job opportunities and continuing my education have all had their moments of difficulty.”

NJ shared tips: “It’s important to dive into the culture, understand the requirements for my career path, and ensure that my daughter’s education fits our new location and new life. Handling our finances and managing the logistics of the move have also been essential steps in preparing for this exciting adventure.”

And if feeling homesick? Cook! “Mastering the art of cooking and baking local dishes has been a fantastic remedy for homesickness. Thanks to my husband’s help, we’ve found nearby Asian and Filipino stores that satisfy my cravings.”

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