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Marie France: One Malong To One Beautiful You

Updated: Mar 16

Marie France Greenhills officially opened its doors in their new home at 63 Connecticut St. Greenhills. Yay! More reasons to love San Juan City.

Ultimate peg for life and Marie France/Facial Care girl herself, Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo graced the event.

Just how Marie France likes it–celebrating with all things pink, pretty and yummy too! Guests received a bouquet of flowers and umbrella. Love how pretty & practical the giveaway was!

Aside from opening their newest center in San Juan, Marie France celebrated their 32nd year–OMG the brand is as old as me. Galing! That’s why they’re one of the few centers that women and men trust when it comes to skin and body care–by launching their campaign One Malong To One Beautiful You.

It’s a program that supports the rebuilding projects of Bangon Marawi. Clients get a free malong for every treatment made. The malong is weaved by the Maranaos and is a representation of their tradition and is essential in their daily lives. Love how Marie France has found a way to help Marawi while at the same time encouraging women to take care of themselves.

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